Toxicity: Volume 1 ~a novella

I’m so excited that my first novella, Toxicity: Volume 1 (a novella) is finally out!  I hope you enjoy it and will check out the second installment which should be completed shortly. Below is the description of the book. Right now you can find it on Amazon for Kindle, but it should be available on other platforms soon! Sign up to get notifications of the second book in the series and upcoming announcements about new books.

toxicity cover final

Lacey Fagyn has spent her life running from her past.

Growing up neglected and afraid has murdered her innocence and left her with severe trust and anxiety issues. Lacey struggles to overcome her past and create a quiet normal life for herself but she cannot escape her memories of being pulled into a cult as a teenager as they continue to come back to haunt her nightly. She finds that trying to forget your past and actually succeeding are two entirely different things.

Logan Reed is a young detective who is assigned to Lacey’s case after a break in at her apartment. He knows that fate has brought them together and their lives were meant to be intertwined. He feels compelled to be a part of this girls world and wants to make a difference in her life, if she will let him get past the walls she has constructed to keep everyone away. How can he show her a bright future when she lives in the shadows of her nightmares?

Will Lacey let Logan in? Will Logan rescue her from the icy grip of terror she resides in?

Lacey begins to open her heart to Logan and is heartbroken when she learns that he has been keeping a secret from her…one that could tear her fragile mind to pieces.

Follow this courageous pair as they battle through deadly situations and their own emotions. Sometimes letting someone in and trusting them is the only way out.

Note: This is the first volume of a romantic suspense thriller series. Mature content including swearing and graphic violence.

You will enjoy this series if you like:

Suspense Thrillers

Romantic Suspense

Contemporary Romance

New Adult Romance


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