I see a gluten-free future

Today has been enlightening. My husband and I have always joked about him constantly saying he’s choking when he’s eating. We knew he had GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: stomach acid flows backwards up into the esophagus) and had attributed his constant regurgitation of meals to that. But lo and behold, it turns out he has Schatzki’s Ring and Celiac Disease.

Apparently Schatzki’s Ring can be a subsequent complication due to long-term GERD which causes both chronic inflammation and damage to the lower esophagus. Over time, as the damage heals, it forms a scar that is identified as Schatzki’s Ring which causes a narrowing of the lower esophagus that results in dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). Basically the food gets stuck in his throat when he swallows.

Can you imagine how frightening that is? Continue reading


Finding my center in the midst of my daily existential crisis

Every day I have a million thoughts running through my head. I used to journal but oddly felt guilty. Is that even normal? Who feels guilty for writing down their own thoughts? I guess I do because I have always felt guilty about my feelings on some deeply ingrained level. Like I should always rise above my anger, fear, dejection, humiliation, sadness and should not boast about my happiness or successes. But why do I feel that way?

I always circle back around to my faith. I was raised as a devout Catholic along with all of the stereotypical old-fashioned Catholic guilt that went along with it. I am not trying to get anyone’s panties in a twist. I am just explaining it the way it happened to me. Warts and all. Continue reading

To second guessing our writing and tropical beaches

I got a solid two hours of writing and editing done this morning. Just hit over 21k words on the second installment of my Toxicity series. I am liking the twists and turns it is taking. When I start to worry about whether the readers will enjoy the ever twisting storyline, or rather the intersecting ever twisting storyline, I have to stop myself and remember the advice I read a long time ago…that I should write what I would want to read, not what I think the reader wants to hear. Continue reading

Surgery Sucks…and life goes on.

Well, here I am six days post op and finally able to think a bit more clearly. The pain is still constant but I can think (and type) through the pain finally. I wrote some yesterday for the first time in over a week and am happy with the way the story is going. It’s taking a more alternative or supernatural bend and I like it. Hopefully you will too.

Most of my days have been spent trying to hobble to the bathroom and move my ankle without grimacing in pain. I have succeeded at the first, not so much the second. After having two kids, ankle/leg surgery, acl and meniscus knee repair surgery, and now this ankle/leg surgery again, I still have to say that the knee was the worst. This sucks. Don’t get me wrong. But the knee definitely sucked worse. The worst part about this is the pain everytime I breathe. But enough about my lingering leg issues.

I want to bring light to the recent semicolon tattoo movement. I am utterly enamored with anything that sheds a loving light on the daily struggles people have with mental health. Continue reading

Working on new material and prepping for surgery (Eeeek!)

So, I am plodding along working on the second installment in the Toxicity series and preparing to have ankle surgery on Tuesday! (Agghh!) I hate surgery. But I need to get the hardware in my ankle/leg removed. A bunch of screws, pins, and a long plate. My body never accepted the alien material very well. It’s been in there for twelve long years and it has been painful since day one! Literally. I have not gone one day without my ankle swelling and in pain. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I always think I am going to die whenever I go under the knife. I know. Morbid. But, I can’t pretend to be someone I’m not, right?!? Wish me luck! Continue reading