To second guessing our writing and tropical beaches

I got a solid two hours of writing and editing done this morning. Just hit over 21k words on the second installment of my Toxicity series. I am liking the twists and turns it is taking. When I start to worry about whether the readers will enjoy the ever twisting storyline, or rather the intersecting ever twisting storyline, I have to stop myself and remember the advice I read a long time ago…that I should write what I would want to read, not what I think the reader wants to hear.

I think that all writers go through the same thing. Questioning if their words are offensive or too far from mainstreams accepted standards of normalcy, whether it be gore, religion, politics, sex…but maybe not. Maybe it’s just me that stops to wonder if I’ve gone too far. But I doubt it.

I hope that I can turn off the critics in my head long enough to get a few more hours in today. Though I think this is evidence in itself that I have been pushed far enough out of my head already today.

In a perfect world, I would not be laid up in bed with a busted ankle but instead on a tropical island in a straw thatched cabana, with some fruity caribbean drink with an umbrella on the little side table next to me. Staring out at the sea between writing. Hearing the waves crashing on the shore. The sound of children’s laughter twinkling in the distance being carried on the warm wind.


 Here’s to wishing. And dreaming. And hoping.

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