Share Your Light With The World



I haven’t posted on this blog in quite some time and for that I apologize. I’m sorry to have left you hanging.

In all honesty, I have been all over the place with life lately. This past year has been somewhat of a transitional period for me. Shifting away from what took me away from my happiness and moving closer to what fills my soul with beauty and joy.

The transition has been a bit frightening yet liberating and I feel that is is far from over. Quite the opposite actually. I feel that I am at the beginning of a new and exciting journey or phase of my life.  I am just coming into my true self.  Finding who I am and allowing that inner person to shine through. Finally allowing myself to just be.

I have decided that part of my destiny is to share my light with all who are open to receiving it. The world that we live in can be a place of turmoil and strife, but we do not need to dwell in those places. We can look within and find refuge. Find a beautiful place away from all of the noise. It is in this place that I want to share myself with the world.

As a society, we tend to forget that everything we see, hear, read, watch, listen to…it all stays with us. We carry this energy out into the world with us. Because of this, it is important to surround ourselves with beauty and love. It is completely possible and within everyone’s reach to raise our vibrations. To align ourselves with the beauty in the world. Live it into our lives. And carry it with us and in us all the days of our lives.

As odd as it may sound to some, I stopped watching the news for many years. It saddened me to the point of tears on more occasions than I care to remember. They rarely share joy. Instead they share troubles. Injustice. The sadness that pervades the world.

In times of sadness, shine bright with the love that you see in your world. A flower. The sky. A sunset. Whatever you find beauty in, others will too. We need to share this, not the negativity.

What I ask of you today is that you share the beauty you see each day. Share the light in the world. Be the light in the world.

Please share this message with anyone who is open to receive it. Let us raise the vibration of ourselves and the world.

Peace, love and light,



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